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Building a sustainable future for the present

“Our goal here at Charter Life is to help develop an economy that is built upon putting people and the environment first. We are committed to building a sustainable future for present and future generations to come.”



Welcome to Charter Life – we are a sustainable, socially and environmentally focused company with a journey objective to raise the bar of industry standards, and to create success that is sustainable for the long-term. Whether engaging in real estate and land-based acquisitions, property development or supporting the growth of ethical ventures; developing sustainable resource management strategies to protect and to improve the overall health of our environment and well-being of society is key to adding value towards what we do.

Climate change, resource management and environmental degradation pose some of the greatest social, environmental and political challenges of the 21st century. As a business, we believe that we have a responsibility to act within the best interests of people and the environment. In an era of globalization, the world is becoming an ever-smaller place. Societies, businesses and economies are becoming increasingly interconnected and as a company, we understand that our actions can have impacts upon people, the environment and economies throughout regional, national and international spheres – this is why the concept of sustainable development is central to the success within our business environment. Through sustainable financing, we are here to help accelerate the global transition towards a sustainable resource-based economy.


"our Visa investment products provide residency in stable political regions while opening a host of exciting new socio-economic opportunities for investors and their families"

“Here at Charter Life, we are committed to driving investment funds into sustainable and ethical business ventures that benefit the people and the environment. Through the international investment visa market, we aim to ensure that investor contributions raise the ​bar for society by furthering the prevalence of sustainable business ventures within local economies.”



“Signature residential developments that raise the bar of local standards, presenting both first time buyers and working professionals with high-end living amenities that generate thriving social and economic communities.”
“We believe in the ice-berg theory, which is why we focus upon doing the hard work behind the scenes so you can see the results. We specialise in adding value for our clients that creates success in a responsible and sustainable way.”
A cleaner approach to business.
Results driven through sustainable property and land management.
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