From the quality of live that living here in Spain offers, the versatility of the attractions that are on offer here, the great weather, the beaches, the sea, the mountains, the restaurants, growing industries such as the tech sector, the list is endless – there is a wealth of reasons that are magnetizing more people towards the Costa del Sol, and the growing demand from the U.S is reflecting this.

A week ago today we celebrated the first direct flight connecting visitors from New York’s Newark airport to Costa del Sol’s Malaga, it returned the following day on the 2nd.

The airline is set to charter three flights a week, offering a total of 17,000 seats over the summer service, with a total of 52 scheduled flights which will run until the 28th September.

However, United are already considering other routes between the U.S and Malaga, providing that the increase in demand that we are seeing can be sustained.

It is said that destinations such as Miami and Chicago are also on the hot topic list for potential new connections to be forged between the U.S and Malaga.

The market for second homes, relocations and tourism in general from the U.S is rising. The Turismo Costa del Sol reports that traveller numbers have increased by an encouraging 26.1% on the same period in 2019.

Between January and March this year, booked stays in across the Andalucia region coming from the U.S have risen by 32.3%.

From the data collected from hotels in Andalucia, statistics inform us that to date in 2023, there have been a recorded total of 171,623 visitors coming from the U.S, representing an 11.4% increase on the same period in 2019, the last normal year prior to the pandemic.

From our own empirical perspective, we are certainly experiencing greater numbers of enquiries from U.S citizens who are contemplating the idea of buying homes here on the Costa del Sol, whether it is for a holiday home, to relocate or for longer term rentals.

Simply put, we are pleased to welcome people from the U.S and are here to help in whatever aspect visitors could wish for.