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Sustainable Property Development

“Through an innovative adoption of sustainable resources, we have an opportunity to revolutionise how we think about property development and how we can help to solve a growing housing crisis.”

Charter Life are effective in delivering first class residential and commercial property development projects. From design, site selection, obtaining planning permission, to full-build implementation and all aspects of property management – Charter Life offer full turn-key products that are designed to maximise the full social and economic value that our projects aim to deliver.

We believe in creating signature residential developments that raises the bar of local standards, presenting both first time buyers and working professionals with high-end living amenities that generates thriving social and economic communities.

A housing market crisis that needs addressing

In the UK, along with many other places throughout the world, a significant increase in scarcity of available residential properties coupled with spiraling costs are fueling a major housing crisis. According to it, for UK property inspections, they check and record the current condition and cleanliness of the property, bearing in mind that the tenant is living in the property. attend to any necessary maintenance or repairs.  Residential property is currently extremely high in demand and the market is stressed from a serious lack in supply, presenting key opportunities for development. For social housing alone, it is estimated that we currently need around 1.2 million homes to satisfy the current demand and an additional 3 million homes within the next 20 years.

The average price of a house has grown from £4,500 in 1970 to £226,800 today, representing an increase of 4,940% in just the last 48 years. In areas such as London and Oxford, the average house is priced at more than £450,000, which is around 15 times the average wage. Younger generations, first-time buyers and low-income families are facing a housing crisis which gives us a responsibility to serve local needs by developing our way out of the current housing shortage. In doing so, we are providing much needed support to large sectors of society who wish to access a higher standard of living within attractive residential spaces.

Sustainable & Environmental Focus

The impacts of rising populations along with issues surrounding resource management are highlighting an ever growing need for more sustainable and environmental consciously-built residential and commercial developments. Today, 54% of the world’s population (around 4 billion people) live in towns and cities. The U.N are predicting this to grow to 5 billion people by 2030. The UK is not isolated as it has experienced the sharpest rise in population for nearly 70 years. Demographic calculations estimate the UK’s population to be around 65,648,000 and there is naturally an ever-growing demand for new housing. Traditional new-build developments are highly carbon-intensive, with an average two-bed house emitting around 80 tonnes of cO2 emissions. Of this, around 60% of the emissions are created through just the walls alone and around 14% is from the use of timber.

In response to this, Charter Life have developed a greater focus upon putting sustainable and environmental interests to the forefront of our property design plans. We are committed to delivering commercial and public living spaces that are created by using groundbreaking building materials that are not only environmentally friendly and sustainable – they also possess the most durable and efficient properties when held in comparison to traditional building materials. Our developments offer greater social amenities, attractive communal gathering spaces, energy efficiency, eco-friendly build materials and cutting edge smart technology.

Material and design highlights include:

  • Replacement of brick, concrete and timber with more durable, efficient and sustainable materials
  • Sustainable materials that are 300 times stronger than wood
  • Fire proof
  • 50-70% energy savings
  • Breathable walls
  • Negative carbon footprint
  • Renders
  • Zero landfill
  • No dry rot
  • Improved social interaction via integrated communal gardens
  • Improved social connections via internet access
  • Rainwater recycling for gardening systems
  • Refurbishing existing structures and repurposing unused locations
  • Use of modern architectural designs to achieve stylish dwellings

For more information on how we can assist you in your property development plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.


“Here at Charter Life, we are committed to driving investment funds into sustainable and ethical business ventures that benefit the people and the environment. Through the international investment visa market, we aim to ensure that investor contributions raise the ​bar for society by furthering the prevalence of sustainable business ventures within local economies.”



“Signature residential developments that raise the bar of local standards, presenting both first time buyers and working professionals with high-end living amenities that generate thriving social and economic communities.”
“We believe in the ice-berg theory, which is why we focus upon doing the hard work behind the scenes so you can see the results. We specialise in adding value for our clients that creates success in a responsible and sustainable way.”
A cleaner approach to business.
Results driven through sustainable property and land management.
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